Santa Fe, New Mexico Style

Posted on October 20th, 2010 by Dave under Bikes.

Trying to develop a “regional” look for my top of  the line road bikes…here’s some images from the Columbus Spirit Niobium steel sets…

When Columbus tubing company introduced its highest performance and lightest steel tube set of Niobium it was supplied with a lesser grade seat stay tube that was identified by a flattened section of the taper and a huge (by comparison) OD at the top.

I pondered how to utilize this stay tube for quite a while before arriving at my “signature” look.  I call it Santa Fe Style because of the native American style silver work and use of traditional materials and methods.

"Santa Fe Style" enlarge!

Columbus had an odd shaped seat stay tube, so I used the oddity to add some regional turquoise and silver accents. The process has expanded over time..

"Thunderbird" with turtle H20 bosses.

"Mariposa" ...float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.......

"Kingman Turquoise" and simple silver beads

"Sterling silver" & "Turquoise" head badge

Here is the standard silver “P” stylized with a Native American inspired design prior to painting.

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