Road and Track…tandem that is.

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Just about have this tandem ready to roll.. This is a 1st time try at using a triple crank and an outside timing gear. The spacing was a little tricky but, it worked out just fine and the chain lines are spot on.
This was a track tandem that I decided would never get used in Albuquerque.. (where’s the Velodrome Porter?) The mistake, I may have made is thinking there are a plethora of braze on derailleurs for triple crank sets.. BTW it’s 56/48/30 the timing rings are 46’s 32-12 cassette. The Spirit frame is 11 lbs. The all steel fork is, well steel.. overall built weight is 29-32lbs ish…
I’m going to give the bike to John Frey (Nat. records holder) to use as his own. Hopefully some buyers may notice that steel bikes still work just fine, thank you very much. He already has me roped into a couple century rides in the next month or two.. God how he hurts me… I’m getting too old for this shit..

Spiirit tubes..crazy riders

Spirit tubes..crazy riders


Triple crank-right side/outside timing drive

Triple crank-right side/outside timing drive

Watch for it in a group ride coming soon.. Dave

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