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I’m Dave, I have been designing and building custom bicycle frames since 1972 here in Albuquerque. I love bikes and I love to ride my bikes. I limit most building to lightweight road bikes and an occasional track bike and tandem. At present my business is unevenly split between car repair and bikes. I frankly would like to get more bike business again as I quickly approach retirement age..

This blog is for my entertainment and not really intended as a sales tool. I stopped taking pictures and keeping records years ago and thought this would be a useful means to do it again only cheaper and quicker.

There are multiple categories to sub file some of my other interests, which I will utilize as the desire hits.

Leave a note if you like. Or call me at 505-352-1378 during business hours at Mountain Time Zone.

Mailing-physical address: 2909 Arno NEĀ  Albuquerque, NM-USA 87107

e-mail: frogeye@porterscustom.com . paste into your e-mail