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Posted on November 22nd, 2008 by admin under Bikes.

I had been doing a fair amount of time in the Galles Racing wind tunnel with various and sundry wind drag reduction ideas.

This fork was for an 1996 Olympic trials pursuit frame. It is sort of the culmination of all the good ideas. We figured it was good for over a minute or more in a 40K TT. Here’s some pictures (click to enlarge) click again for super close up.

Arrows 1 & 2 point to two different vortex generators. #2 maintains laminar flow past the blade rather than deflecting it up the frontal part of the blade. #1 Strips the boundary layer off the rotating tire and cleans up the following low pressure area.

Arrow #3 points to a series of chokes which also remove the boundary layer from the rotating wheel. They limit the rotating air from adding turbulence to the on rushing wall of air.

here’s the back side of the 26” (so-called) wheel fork. It was also a 60mm wide hub. The crown was cut away at the rear to allow the use of MAX blades.

I just got the original frame back a few minutes ago. I’ll clean it up and look around for the wheels and get a picture or two of it up. It was Columbus EGO . Wonder if any of that stuff is still floating around?


  1. Dave Anderson Says:

    Cool fork, Dave! I’d love to see the frame…


  2. R. Guggemos Says:

    Very Cool!!!

    Looks like it would be hard to copy.

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